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Domain Registration
Maybe you already know the domain you want? Maybe you are looking for ideas? Whatever the case we can guide you through the multitude of options, searching for the right domain name for you. When we find it we can register it in your name or if you already own that domain but just want someone to look after it for you we can transfer the domain and manage it for you ensuring that its registration never lapses and you don't lose it. Whatever the case, get in touch today and we can get the process started for you.
Website & Email Hosting
So, you've went through the process of getting your website designed and developed and now have a attractive, user-friendly website ready to go, what's next? In order for your website to be able to be viewed online you need a web hosting package. We offer a wide range of services within our hosting packages as standard, everything from email addresses, access to your own cPanel, ability to manage your own databases, file and FTP managers, along with additional features such as PCI-DSS compliant hosting. For a hosting package that meets your needs please get in touch and we can discuss the right options for you and your business.
Stay Secure
In the security-driven world that we live in, it's more important than ever for your website visitors to be able to trust your brand online. By installing an SSL certificate on your domain, you can create a secure, encrypted connection to ensure that any private information or personal details that are being transmitted over the internet are protected from being hacked.

If your website takes any kind of form input such as login forms, contact forms, search bars etc then it is necessary for your website to have an SSL certificate. In fact, as of July 2018, some browsers will begin to warn visitors to websites without an SSL certificate that they are "Not Secure". This will cause your visitors to feel unsafe while browsing your website. However, it's not the end of the world, get in touch and talk to us today about what is involved in getting your website safe and secure moving forward.
PCI DSS Compliance
Does your eCommerce website take online card payments? If the answer is yes, then you probably need PCI DSS Compliant hosting to allow those online payments to be taken in a safe, secure and compliant hosting environment. Failure to be PCI Compliant can result in a damaging loss of trust amongst your customers or as much as a £50,000 fine. Ensure you are compliant today by getting in touch with us.


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