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Cost-Effective Advertising
Email Marketing is a fast and effective form of advertising, not to mention highly cost-effective. In fact, with a return on investment of 4400%, that's £44 to every £1 spent, it's not an advertising method that should be readily ignored. The email marketing system we utilise allows you to build and manage effective advertising campaigns that are tailored to list of subscribers who have requested the information you are providing. As such, it's a sure way to get your product in front of your customers and drive your sales in the right direction.
Subscriber Lists
In order to run a successful marketing campaign it is imperative to have a list of contacts who have subscribed. By combining our Email Marketing software with a connection to your current website we can give you a way for your customers to add themselves to your list, subscribing in a way that is in line with your own GDPR policy. Within the software we use you also have the ability to set up sub-lists and only email the subscribers you feel would be most suited to the campaign you are sending.
Email Builder
Along with the ability to upload your own email template if you have gone to the bother of having one created, we can also provide a selection of templates that can then be customised in our Email Builder to suit your needs. Within the email builder you can add a selection of different content types that will result in a professional, attractive email being sent each and every time.
Proven Results
The beauty of this system is we don't need to keep convincing you that it works. Along with more traffic being driven to your website, the system itself has it's own reporting tools which will show you a complete set of statistics for each campaign you send. Through that you will be able to see for yourself what campaigns worked and what could be improved upon. This will allow you, through time, to build a strategy to ensure you are hitting the mark every time an email is sent.


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