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Web Development
With the variety of different business types and the different products and services that we see being advertised and sold online today we know that one type of website will not suit every type of business. At Bann Computing we will help you through the process of understanding what type of website it is you need and then we can design and build that website for you. Whether you require a simple, one-page informational website or a multi-page, full eCommerce solution with a content management system, we can build a simple, bespoke solution to fit your needs.
Mobile Responsive Development
In order to be of most benefit to your visitors, a good website must be able to display and function properly on all devices. In the mobile world that we live in where the mobile and tablet devices are used more than the standard desktop or laptop, having a responsive website is a necessity. This is only reinforced when we see that Mobile and Tablet are now accounting for around 60% of network traffic.

A responsive website is where we create one website but cause it to display differently depending on the size of screen it is being viewed on. By doing so we can ensure that your visitors are able to navigate your website easily and that content on the website is easy to view, read and access.
eCommerce Websites
Based on the products or services that you wish to sell online we can built a bespoke, easy-to-manage eCommerce system which will, not only, get your products in front of potential market but also make it easy to handle your products and orders behind the scenes with a built-for-purpose content management system. When it comes to taking your customer's card details online, security is of primary importance. With a combination of SSL encryption for your website and encrypted data that is being stored in the database, we can ensure your customers details will be kept safe and secure during the checkout procedure.
Content Management Systems
Keeping your website up to date and current is vital in order to ensure a high return rate of visitors. Allowing you to do that without a low running cost can be done through a good Content Management System (CMS). Depending on the type and size of website you need for your business we offer a complete range of either pre-built or bespoke content management systems. A properly built CMS will aid you to easily add various types of content to your system with very little hassle or fuss and can all be done in-house. With every CMS, full training is also available before your website goes live in order to ensure you know exactly what you are doing.
Ongoing Website Maintenance
If you find that after a while there are a few things that need updated, amended or you have a feature or function you would like included in your website, we can handle that as well. With our bespoke systems they can be added to and restructured in anyway, at any time.


Whatever your website or computer needs are, let us help you achieve your business goals.


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